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When it comes to technology, Point 5 is the real thing. We redefine problem-solving and deliver smart, scalable and reliable solutions...the right way, the first time. It’s all about result oriented insights that enhance your business approach, shape strategic decisions, and propel innovation designed to stimulate and strengthen new ideas.

Business Intelligence

Elevate your findings via cutting-edge data visualization tools, technologies and solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics demands a platform that empowers businesses to integrate, analyze and visualize with ease.

Big Data Management

Point 5 pinpoints answers and helps realize action from data at any scale, through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Product Development

From front-end design strategy through back-end development and all facets of conceptualization in between.

Mobile Application Development

Point 5 offers a robust approach, taking charge of every aspect of application development, from ideation, design, inception to ongoing maintenance and refinements.

OpenStack Integration

Point 5 Solutions now offers OpenStack support and resources for your computing, storage and networking needs.



Whatever the project, Point 5 Solutions offers a turnkey method of delivering mobile strategy, scalable features and functionality coupled with reliable and sound programming. Our team of developers offer a tailored approach to enterprise, B2B and consumer applications for a variety of platforms.

  • Cross-platform apps with APIs packaged into single SDKs for iOS, Android, JavaScript and C++.
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Unified platform
  • Scalable
  • No need for complex infrastructure
  • Flexibility in building real-time apps
  • Integrated analytics




With years of collective experience in big data development, Point 5 has a team of developers and analysts who boast unique knowledge and expertise in handling the problems that come with the unbounded growth of data. Our team has worked with a broad spectrum of technology that includes Hadoop, Hive, Pig, SQL/NoSQL, AWS services such as EMR, SWF, RedShift, and more. Our experience allows us to build custom solutions that help organizations scale their systems to manage their data and derive the insights that they need.


Big Data requires a solid, nimble infrastructure that is compatible with its needs, is forward-thinking and presents a resourceful ecosystem. Point 5 Solutions now offers OpenStack support and resources for your business, when you need them, for large implementations, API integrations and more. Many of today’s best-known businesses use OpenStack to manage their computing, storage and networking resources. Contact us for more information and find out how OpenStack can help you reduce cost and create efficiencies for your organization.


Percentage of US Population that owns a smart phone.


Number of websites that are created around the world…every minute of the day. 


Percentage of the world’s data that has been created in the past 3 years. 


Percentage of operating revenue lost as a result of poor data management.



From front-end design strategy through back-end development and all facets of conceptualization in between, your vision is brought to life. We deliver exceptional solutions for an array of clients, verticals and industries, from apps to software to digital hubs and more. Point 5 is focused on deploying systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to market.



Point 5 Solutions is a minority and woman-owned small business headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

We speak the language; inside the beltway, nation-wide, and internationally. Our seasoned team soars in the areas of sustainable business and information technology in the private and public sectors. We are leaders in our field, and responsible corporate citizens working as part of the community to make a sustainable and positive impact. Point 5’s advantages as a diverse and multi-dimensional company are central to propelling the growth of your business. Every effort is made to stand out from the rest through proven technologies and sustainable solutions. We get the industry, so we know the obstacles and wins.

The Point 5 Solutions team is committed to providing sustainable technology and business solutions while meeting private industry and government security requirements. We leverage modern, vetted, and proven technologies to optimize performance for our clients by streamlining processes and reducing inefficiencies.



Contact Point 5 Solutions to learn about the ways you can impact the progress and improve the sustainability of your business. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff located at our Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Washington will work with you, your budget, and your organization’s specific goals to find a solution that makes sense.

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